Friday, January 25, 2008

black and white...

...go a long way

I'm just working on a campaign in which we're using black and white as THE colors.
Because someone thought that's the classiest combination ever...
Of course, as with everything in this world, I have to disagree with others in some aspect or another :) But it's not just that I'm picky or anything, I just like a good lil' debate :)

Now let's be serious. I just hate in when everybody goes "oh, yeah, that's classy" or "well, everybody knows black and white is stylish" and so on. Agreed. It CAN be stylish. With a good dose of fashion sense and with a nose for details - you CAN walk past the "waiter/waitress look" and join the "stylish" crowd. Or you can even take the black&white combo a step further - and use kitsch in order to be cool. But hey, it's much more than choosing something black, something white and immediately thinking "I CAN'T go wrong with that!".
So basically what I'm saying you CAN look awful dressed in something you think is "safe" - just because there is no such thing as being safe in fashion. And safe is boring, anyways.

So here's a little something that shows black and white can be more than "just safe": it can be cool, crazy, funky - but it's gotta be fun!
What's your favorite? The Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse sling-backs or the multifunctional Dog Face Watch & Keychain (still by Marc)?


Blogger TokyoBunnie said...

OMG I want those shoes!!!

9:29 AM  
Anonymous babelfish said...

I agree with you, B&W is an easy option...while safe, it can be boring. To make something stand out from the crowd, it isn't necessarily the best option. The shoes are rather fun though. Good luck with the campaign.

9:23 PM  
Blogger bulina said...

@tokyobunnie: yup, they're cute! :)

@babelfish: tx, the campaign is making me crazy - lots of work... But the shoes are really fun :)

8:02 PM  

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