Wednesday, January 09, 2008

cute-ify yourself... that!

I'm a big fan of people behaving (or looking) like kids, even though they're well into adulthood. And this year I've especially admired the animal hats. You know Comme des Garcons' collection with Minnie Mouse inspired hats? Gorgeous, huh?

In fact, here's a little secret: I totally envy my 3 year old cousin, who has has all these beaaauuuutiful bunny eared caps or bear-like hoodies. And I think that's the common idea among people - except in Japan - that this kind of dress-up should be restricted to 3 year olds.

But hey, the wonderful picture above (via The Sartorialist) made me think "She looks great!". Obviously, as Sart says, the color combo is truly on-spot, but I also love the hat. Without it, I think the whole outfit would have missed the playful, naive bits. And that's in fact what makes it so great!


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