Wednesday, August 15, 2007

today's piece of cool... laughing
Yeah, laughing. This morning I made 5 people laugh out of nothing. It was a silly thing I wrote, the kind I almost always use when I want to lighten up the air for a bit. It was nothing special, I tell you. And it's not like I'm not usually funny, 'cause I am (hummm, or at least I guess so :)).

But this was something special. It was like something so small - that I didn't even think of too much - generated a general laughing cascade. And seeing them so amused, I couldn't help but think...we usually TRY to make others laugh, we say jokes, we think of clever things to say...but, damn, it's so simple!

So you see, laughing is so great: beyond the health and beauty benefits - keeping your face in tip-top shape, giving you a beautiful aura and being a good exercise for your abdominal muscles - it is also great for your spirit. But hey, I guess we all know that...but it's good to be reminded from time to time, huh? :)
I think the gorgeous pins from Modishoppe are exactly the kind of thing that can start a funny conversation. Or if not, they can just brighten up your day.


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