Tuesday, August 14, 2007

being social...

...is cool
As philosophers say, humans are social beings that live to live together in communities. Well, other animals do, too, but let's concentrate, OK? :)
Therefore, if we are so extremely social, why don't we show it more? And why don't we show it everywhere?
For example, nowadays, big cities are so crowded, that people on the streets don't even notice each other, they just walk at their speedy pace and don't take the time to smile to others or even look at the things around them.
That's exactly where designer Maya Goldblum thought to intervene, by creating CLAIMP - "a device to clamp and claim public space". That's a great idea! Claimp can be attached on lamp posts, making you see the streets in a totally different light. It has a drink holder and also a coat/umbrella/bag one. To give you the cozy feeling of a cafe - only in public space, of course. We think it's a great idea - and you'll see, it can work wonders.
Just attach your CLAIMP and start admiring the street and the people. Why not be relaxed when everyone is feeling grumpy and speedy?
via dezeen.


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