Tuesday, June 26, 2007

(the) love of my life...

...yeah, it's probably you! :)
A few years ago I went to Italy with a scolarship for a few months. My boyfriend at that time was so sweet to gather a few great (and meaningful :P) songs on a CD that he gave me when I left. It's great how little gestures like this can have a whole lot of importance, don't you think?
In this post I want to thank him for that CD that I still remember (and have - I know, I'm the hopeless romantic type...) and give him a sweet kiss in return.
If you're thinking of giving your girlfriend something cute to show how you feel, why not choose one of the Heart necklaces from Topshop? In red or yellow / red AND yellow - depending on how much you're willing to spend.
Kidding! They're not even expensive and they are really a declaration in themselves - plus they go well with any wardrobe.
It's probably the summer heat - but I'm thinking we should make these kind of "love ya" moves a little more often. I know I'm behind with that, but I'll get back on track soon...promise :)


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