Friday, June 29, 2007

just look at that...

I'm a big fan of Sart and I don't think a day goes by without feeling the need to look at the beautiful pictures I always find on his blog. I don't know what's up with these street snaps, but they're so natural that I really find them irresistible.
But today was special. I stumbled upon these gorgeous pictures of Carlo Montanaro (Corriere della Sera). There's something about this guy's clothes that can leave you speechless.
It seems this suit belonged to his father (custom-made, right?) and is about 35 years old. His suit is completely worn out, but he could never be mistaken for a hobo. Of course, some people might think he's poor or something, others might laugh at him on the street, but not the style-savvy...
It reminds me of a funny thing: some time ago, my dad was wearing one of his favourite watches - one that belonged to his grandfather. He was in a business meeting with some people, among who a Romanian lady and a German guy - the latter one a bit classier and style-smarter than the others. Of course the lady was bothered by "that old watch" - that she didn't perceive as being trendy (like Swatch or something :)) or expensive - although it was exactly that. But the German understood its value and told her about the brand and its value - which really made her understand the "don't judge a book by its cover" proverb has some truthfulness to it.
There you go guys - Sart knows what he's talking about. More and more people are starting to understand that blinging is not that cool anymore and that "inconspicuous consumption" is the new trend.
Hmmm...some might just get it :) Until then, we're digging it big time! There's nothing cooler than throwing in the mix some style, some memories and some story.


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Good words.

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