Friday, January 26, 2007

got a...

...creative tooth?

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, you gotta prepare some nice stuff for your loved one. My boyfriend, for example, looooves Italian food - and i guess he loves the pasta I make, too (that is, he never ran to the toilet after a bite and never
"slipped" it under the table to the dog - not that I know of, at least :)).
So I thought these designer pasta from Torino would be really nice. The coolest of them are the coral pasta, the mother-in-law pasta and the somberoni. And besides from looking so great, each of them has a super flavor. Apart from the usual ones - orange=paprika, red=tomato and green=spinach, you can also taste saffron (yellow), beet (violet) and squid ink (black). Mmmmm....bon appetito!


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