Wednesday, January 17, 2007

worm it up! this (making you) sick or what?

A very interesting concept here, based partly on the ecological movement and partly on the laziness of some people. You know how sometimes you don't feel like cleaning the table after you eat (and I'm not talking about you, cleaning freaks!)? Well, now you can escape the guilt factor of being such an idler and making others do this dirty job for you.
Designer Amy Youngs created a totally interactive table that takes care of the leftovers without you even moving a finger! Oh well, maybe you'll move a'll just discard what's left of your dinner in the portal at the top of the table.
From here on, a whole bunch of worms and bacteria will take care of it, transforming the junk into a yummy compost for the plants "living" under your table. This way, you get more than you've ever wanted:
- you get to stay lazy;
- you get to have pets (even worms can be lovable);
- you get to have a beautiful house with healthy plants that take care of themselves.
And you also recycle - which is maybe the coolest thing of them all! Now I'll just stop and think for a while...I still don't digest the idea of food and worms getting together - but that's just me.

via inhabitat.


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