Sunday, January 21, 2007

mascara...'s a guy thing

Today's men are more and more interested in grooming and looking good. But they're sometimes put off by being regarded in a strange way for buying beauty and care products. "Man, it's OK if you buy them for your girlfriend or your mum. Or even your grandma. But, please, don't say it's for you!" This is like the verbal transcription of the looks they get while shopping for these.
The thing is, men are feeling ashamed of buying this stuff, so they won't be considered gay...
That's why products like this men's mascara from Studio5ive are out on the shelves especially for them. So they can take them, use them and not be labeled "girly" or something.
To tell the truth, I thought the whole "Metrosexual" debate was over, but it seems not. Here's a nice article by John Gustafson about it and the trouble nice-smelling-good-looking-scrub-and-eye-gel-using-men have to face in this cruel world. Enjoy!


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