Tuesday, January 16, 2007

on art...

...and how you can do it

Nowadays it seems that almost everybody can be an artist, as we have all the means to create whatever and whenever we feel like it. This democratization of art is pretty cool and it comes in different sizes and shapes, as you can easily see.
This time we're talking about the Cherry Blossom glass, one tableware piece that radically transforms the way you look at things. For instance, you know how you used to hate those circular shapes on the table, made by condensation? Well, now you'll love them - and you'll surely forget about using table coasters!
You'll see that the most important element of the Sakura glass (sakura meaning cherry trees and their blossom in Japanese) is its bottom - that leaves a beautiful mark on the surface holding it. So don't think twice, just think clear and buy yourself something to entertain your guests the next time they come around!

via Charles&Marie.


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