Thursday, January 25, 2007

don't drink and...


People seem to think that dogs really need stuff they never ask for - but that brings them closer to their masters...they dress like them, eat like them, get SPA treats and even...drink like them (more recently).
In this respect, there's a magazine entirely dedicated to pampering your best friend and dog clothes aren't hot news anymore, but here's something that might just be :)
- the dog beer!
Yes, dog beer - you've heard that right! A Dutch pet shop owner, Ms Berensen, thought it would be nice to create a beer that dogs can savour, too, given the fact that they've "earned" it, just like people. Travelling once a year to Austria with the dogs for some hunting and relaxation (if we might say that), Ms Berensen noticed that while at the end of the day all the people had their beers, the dogs were left out of the whole "rewarding process". So she thought she'd create a similar beverage for them to enjoy as well - that's how "Kwispelbier" ("kwispel" meaning "wagging a tail" in Dutch) was born. Marketed as "the beer for your best friend", we're really curious how many dog owners will buy this beef extract and malt beverage for their treasured companions.

via brandish.


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