Wednesday, January 17, 2007

of words and other demons...

...we could speak volumes

It's funny to see that one man's bad word is another man's cool word - or something. To be more exact, let's see an example. The word "typo" originally meant "typographical error" in English - and it's been extended to any type of error that might occur in writing - be it intended or not. So "error". Wrong. Poor skills.
But the funny thing is that in Romanian ad agencies you hear the expression "typo ad" a lot. And you can't help but wonder... Is it about making ads with errors?! It's about writing ads that are mainly based on words! Yes, yes, a cool derivation from "typography ad" :) Talk about cultural clash!
Thanks to a good friend of mine who remined me of this in the morning - it was a good laugh. And here's a T-shirt for a cool attitude to match that.


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