Monday, January 08, 2007


...and sexier than ever

Ever thought that mannequins in a shop are there just to display the products? Well, no. They serve a much more ample purpose - they must be attractive and put products in the most favourable light possible, showcasing items in a way that will immediately make shoppers feel the "must get this" vibe.
And speaking of ample - here it is! Manufacturers thought the little plastic dummies should get a bust boost, so they went from semi-flat to the most impressive boobies ever (see more models here). Is this a trend only in Miami and L.A., sanctuaries of "big", or will it extend to other places, too?

via flypaper.


Blogger Costin Radu said...

they're perfect for Wonder Bra :)

12:39 AM  
Blogger bulina said...

Yeah :)
I think guys in Romania wouldn't mind seeing these mannequins, either, would they now? :P

5:09 PM  

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