Thursday, December 21, 2006

just one way...


Our head-on society makes us want to accumulate more, be more (in terms of job description and job title) and so on. Lots of people saw where all this could take us and started wondering if it's the right way of thinking (and doing). Being fast-paced makes us "need" the latest mobile phone, the latest gadget and the latest sports car and throw away the ones we just bought a few weeks ago. We forget to appreciate the smaller, but beautiful things in life and we don't give ourselves and others time anymore.
But the idea is that life is not just a series of "I'm-super-stressed-I-gotta-have-more-I-wonder-what-they-think-about-me" days. Or, at least, it shouldn't be.
And as I've talked about Alain de Botton in the previous post, I remembered his other book, Status Anxiety - that's how I first heard about him, through a review of this book.
It's a writing that comprises thoughts of philosophers, artists and writers and also gives "solutions" for improvements in our lives.
Consider it a collection of thoughts on THE MODERN PERSON, with the thoughts, wishes, beliefs and problems that accompany this status. And if you aren't especially keen on getting a stress-generated ulcer in the near future (some of my friends know what I'm talking about...), I'd say you should give this book a thought.

Photo credit: a beautiful ladder from The Home Depot, if you can't resist the idea of continuously "going up" :)


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