Thursday, December 21, 2006

exquise me...


A nice DM idea in Germany for the news Volkswagen Polo, which is communicated as being "reassuringly safe". Targeted towards a young audience made up of men and women between 25-39 y.o., the whole idea of the mailing was to communicate the safety of the car and to "drive" people to the dealers in order to test the new VW Polo.
The agency (Tribal DDB) thought of making the concept of safety tangible, so they created the "Knautsch-Polo", a mininature version of the real car, in the form of an anti-stress ball. By squeezing it, you get to relax and feel good - but there's more to it: the elastic car goes back to its form, hence the safety subject is highlighted also.

There's only one thing: "Reassuringly safe" has some kind of a resonance to it...Do we know any other brand that uses a similar claim? For example..."Reassuringly expensive"?

via direct daily.


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