Friday, December 29, 2006

payback time...

...for the 80's

Though last summer it seemed that the 80's were only struggling to come back to fashion, now it's almost clear that the next season will be filled with all the stuff we loved (or hated) in "the decade that taste forgot", as some like to call these years of questionable fashion, hairstyles and music alike.

Sweater dresses, opaque or shimmering tights, patent leather and wedges anyone? They're already in stores and maybe you didn't buy any for now, but the 2007 spring/summer is all about these and the comeback of the chavs. Don't pretend you don't remember all those baseball caps, the Kappa tracksuits and the hoodies! And don't pretend you don't know anything about neon colours, either. Pink, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple...they're here, like it or not. See the Elektrochoc sandals in a preview of the Louis Vuitton collection for the hot season. We thought we'd say it now, so you might have time to get used to it in the following months.

Elektrochoc sandals picture via trendencias.


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