Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the real thing...

...this Christmas

People, it's time to start singing the carols and decorating the tree! There are only a few days left 'till Xmas and I'm really looking forward to the holidays!
All my colleagues at work started buying Christmas trees and thinking about the best option: real or fake? I must say this has never been a problem for me, as I've never even thought of buying a fake tree (I mean, what's the purpose of buying a Christmas tree if you don't feel that wonderful smell and touch the branches?).
Of course a fake tree lasts longer and is easier to handle - it won't leave your house full of little "needles" on the carpets. But still...they are a bit kitsch and we don't advise you to buy one.
Moreover, at treehugger we found an interesting fact: that real Christmas trees are the "greener" option even in terms of environmental care. They are easier to recycle than the PVC or aluminum (!!!!!!!!) ones that last longer.
So choose wise and have yourself a Very Merry Christmas!


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