Monday, July 31, 2006

man's (new) best friend

it's a rabbit!
Yes, the newest addition to every fashionable crowd's life is Nabaztag, a 23 cm tall white rabbit that acts completely crazy! If the name sounds strange, you should know it's the Armenian word for "rabbit" - a tribute to developer Rafi Haladjian's origins. Created by French based agency Violet, this plastic rabbit has a permanent wi-fi connection, allowing its master to stay connected to the Internet, listen to music and...even listen to the intelligent pet talk! Nabaztag gives you all the essential info you need (news, weather report) and it can also help you give the loved one a cute message (and with a Cupid like this, it's sure to be accepted).
So get one for only 115 E now! Paying for this good friend is not a compromise, that we can tell.
Check Nabaztag's blog here.


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