Thursday, July 27, 2006

rubber duck meets designer

is it a toy? is it a jewel? no, it's a designer duck!
Are you the kind that takes long bubbling baths or the quick-shower type? Well, in fact it doesn't matter how you like to spend your time in the bathroom. What counts here is that you MUST own a rubber duck!
Now you can have one of the Luxury Ducks from Bud by DesignRoom - they come in unique designs and individually created boxes - just a pleasure to have! Around their necks there is the designer label that will make you quack with pride. And yet another plus: these ducks were already made famous by the Celebrity Big Brother in U.K.
P.S.: and if you prefer to take a bath in the seaside, be the first to sport the cool look for this season. Of course, matching your designer duck!
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