Monday, July 24, 2006

save yourself while you still can

the masterminds behind it all
I'll start with a question: when did you last ckeck yourself for adultitis? Never?!?! thoughts exactly. That's why I thought of giving you a push and directing you to The Escape Plan, made up by Kim and Jason, a cute couple that you can admire in the picture above.
Do you suffer from severe stress attacks? Do you ever get bored, think you're no good, feel like everything's going to fall apart, give up your plans because you have to work, refuse to meet friends because you're feeling down, get depressed just by looking at the bills, find it hard to smile anymore?
Well, trust us: that's severe adultitis and it can only stop if you try the plan. What's so great about it? makes you happy, carefree, joyful and...a kid again. It's simple, useful and the best fun you've ever had! So what's stopping you?


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