Thursday, July 26, 2007

kill me now...

...use research!
I don't know why, but "research" is overwhelming me these days:
- I read a post about research done badly on Razvan's blog;
- I have a good friend who just got a new job in qualitative research and works days & night like
- I met a lady researcher who impressed me (but only fashion-wise :));
- I've been to some focus groups with cigarette smokers and left there completely puzzled about the method, the interviewer, the questions, the place, the selection process...well, EVERYTHING! (it's been the worst focus group in my life :P);
- I' ve had to complete some questionnaires together with some friends and we totally screwed them up - yes, on purpose, because they were very poor (both in idea and execution), with lots of mistakes, lots of questions that were uselessly complicated and so on. Do you know what everybody said? "Fu*k them! Let's choose the middle line!"
So there's no wonder researchers complain that people always choose the middle answer - but it's really not their fault!
You see, with all this research hype, I'm not sure I have the answer for "what can be done?", but I've sure got a bit of a view on the subject: it sucks! And it really needs a lift!!
P.S.: the lovely bee above can be bought here, but handle it with care. No research, please!


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