Friday, July 13, 2007

forward thinking...

...for the fashion-forward
OK, so we're all enjoying summer and making the most out if it. But don't forget it's in fact time for the winter list: what to buy, what to throw away, what to refresh in your wardrobe.
We found some very pretty pullovers from potipoti - who describe themselves as a "graphic fashion company based in Berlin and Spain" :).
Beyond this cute description, there is a super-interesting concept: all their products are inspired by a fantastic world of geometric and simple trace creatures who have both naive and sinister souls. A mixture of rage and tenderness. know I JUST LOVE THAT!!!! So that's why I couldn't help myself and chose these 2 pullovers above: THE PIGEON and THE MULE have this oldskool look, while they're also very childlike and funny.
They have some kind of a "grandma-and-grandpa-go-out-for-a-ski-trip-and-a-hot-tea" style that is really lovely! Think about cuddling with sweety in these on those winter nights... (oooh-kay, nobody wears pullovers in this case, but it seemed like the right thing to say).


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