Friday, July 13, 2007

jump in...

...the back to school mode
Sorry for the lack of posts these days, but I've been really stressed-out with my dissertation paper - an endeavour that seems to have had some (OK, a lot :)) of success. Now that I'm feeling free and super-happy, I'm back to my usual activities like loving pink (yup, still there) and enjoying cute and cool stuff.
But going back to the university after a while (I've skipped classes big time this last year) gave me some kind of a nostalgic feeling. It felt so great - like being a kid again and just hanging around at school and having fun, no worries or duties attached :)
So here's something to celebrate this feeling: the Gary Baseman "Lunch of unearthly Delights" lunch box from Tokyo Store. You can even take it to the office - though some people might find it strange if you're over 10, it's guaranteed you'll find a lot of other peers who feel the same.
Being a kid is great - nothing wrong about loving that. At least in our book.


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