Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the 2007 supermarket trends...

...are in

Trend spotters from Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) have predicted the trends that will hit supermarkets in 2007. But these are real trends, not just fads - so they'll "be around for some time to come", said David Jago, director of GNPD custom solutions. So if you want to be in the know and hate being caught on the wrong foot, here are the 9 things you should take into account:

1. Natural Amazonian products - people are loving exotic products more and more, and natural anti-ageing ingredients like the Amazonian acai and cupuacu will soon pop up both in our plates and glasses and in our cosmetic bags.

2. Ethical products - whether they're linked to fair trade /sustainability/ charitable activities or they make ecological claims, these products have already gained support from customers and the trend seems to be going up.

3. Refillable packaging - caring for the environment is very "in" these days.

4. Natural cosmetics - consumers diss animal testing and kiss natural ingredients; face cream shouldn't just look good and smell good - it should also DO good.

5. A return to basics - did you think only fashion was circular? As nowadays we're overwhelmed with colorful, trendy, spectacular choices that we don't really see anymore, it seems that the coolest products will be those with traditional ingredients and simple packaging. Imagine that!

6. Web-based marketing - companies will join the Net revolution and drop more traditional marketing methods. With so many interactive choices, we can see why.

7. Cosmetic companies targeting men - the "metrosexual", the "smoothie" and only God knows what's next! Still, one thing's for sure: HE is looking for as much attention as women are and he wants to have great skin, perfect hair and tough abs. And it might be easier than he thought.

8. Taking advantage of the teen market - yes, they're the ones that love to spend (and don't seem to have any restrictions!). Plus, they're eager to adopt trends and they can serve as innovators at every time of the day. Children used to be the focus until now, but it's bye-bye candies and toys!

9. Traditional breakfast alternatives - we're those always-in-a rush-no-time-for-breakfast types. Uhhh...USED TO BE. The "quick fix" cereal bars, energy drinks, pill-foods are going to be taken over by the longer, better, tastier, healthier (and there's much more :)) alternative. Slow foods are the new fast foods - and we'll probably be loving it!

If you're a shopper - take care what you buy (you can't be in the avant-garde if you don't know the trends to be :)); if you're a marketer - well, you probably know what's next :)


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