Friday, March 02, 2007

we heart...

...Lacoste and Colette
What happens when super-cool Lacoste joins hands with uber-trendy Colette? A super-cool-uber-trendy limited edition collection of sneakers and polo shirts, of course! Celebrating 10 years of existence this spring, the Paris-based concept store initiated a special collaboration with Lacoste, creating an engaging story about Caperino, Peperone and the friendly gator. Going to visit their croc "cousin", the 2 dogs live a real adventure through a 14 T-shirt series, while the crocodile travels around the shirt, leaving its well-established place to the lovely Cap&Pep.
The collection items are available starting March 1st - shirts at the price of 140E and sneakers - 120 E for men and 100 E for women.


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