Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a matter of taste...

...and trends

Today I've been feeling a bit down, I don't really know why - maybe all this work piling up or something...
Anyway, nothing seems to make me feel better today, not even white tea (which, by the way, is the coolest thing right now - tea-wise)! Because it is made of new growth buds and less mature leaves than green tea, it undergoes less processing, which seems to make it even healthier than its greenish pal.
So, if you really want to be one step ahead, ask for white next time - and your "Could I have some green tea, please?"-blocked friends will have a new thing to obsess about.
The L.A. and N.Y. cool-forward people are already in the know. So hurry!

Get your Organic Chinese White Tea here.


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