Wednesday, February 28, 2007

need a balcony?

...grow one!
As we all know we're living in the age of "open-up-and-use" - that is mobility, dynamism, yada, yada, yada, everything's gotta be as user friendly as possible. And I guess that's exactly what the architects from Hofman Dujardin were thinking when they came up with this great idea of a...OK, brace up!...window/balcony!
It's sooo great: a window that opens up and creates an instant balcony-for-two! Solid enough to carry the weight of people and at the same time elegant, this concept looks very very good - while also adressing space needs in a smart way.
How does it work?
Step 1 - push the button :)
Step 2 - Bloomframe starts "blooming"
Step 3 - in just 15 seconds you've got yourself a great balcony.
(Oooh, I just love the "push the button" phase...)
What else? Bloomframe is still in testing and is expected to be presented officially at the end of this year.


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