Friday, January 12, 2007

hey, look at that...'s another 2-in-1 product!

Nowadays we need sooooo many things to go out, that it's obvious we'll forget about at least one of them: the keys, the iPod, the cell phone, the bag, the organizer, the laptop... And in winter it gets even trickier - you gotta remember to take your hat, your gloves, your scarf...and so on.
That's why designers are making more and more of these 2-in-1 or several-in-1 products: to help us get thru life a little bit easier. Julia Kissel is no exception with her unforgetable gloves creation - it's a wonderful pair of, well...bag...of gloves...oh, you get it! It's a funky bag with incorporated colorful gloves!
If only everything was so easy :)


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