Monday, December 04, 2006

presenting... city of the week

If coolness is always on your mind and emerging trends are your job (or at least you'd love them to be), then Berlin is definitely worth checking out. The hippest German city of them all, it really speaks "top" no matter the season or the hour of the day - whether we're talking fashion, music or attitude.
The trendiest people here say they can't stand buying expensive stuff and they revel in second-hand pieces that have a great look and also come cheap (sometimes clothes are sold by the kilo). Moreover, they think DJing is just a job and they have a good eye for art, be it lucrative or just for fun. about a free spirit!
And if you're interested in visiting one of Berlin's hot spots, we advise you to try Badeschiff (Bathing Ship), a special pool on the Spree river (photos above). Created in 2004 as an art project, the Badeschiff consists of a series of linked cargo containers that cover a pool, a sauna and a cocktail bar, where cool DJs regularly come for a spin at events or parties.
Ready for a great winter vacation?


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