Thursday, June 22, 2006

one's man trash, another man's dinner

this is food...this is food...this is food...
Well, when you think you've seen it all, something has to happen...boom! It's like can't believe your eyes!
I just read today about something that is already a big trend in urban agglomerations. We've all heard of vegans - the ones that exclude from their diet (or clothing) any product of animal origin. But there's an even more extremist group, the freegans - that have the same rules as the vegans, with one addition: they concentrate on finding food in other people's trash.
Yes, you read well. They want to stop our "throway culture" and minimise waste - so they reuse food and seem to be pretty OK with the fact that they're eating...garbage.
This method of finding food is called "dumpster diving" in the US and "skipping" in the UK.
New Yorker Adam Weissman seems to be one of the leaders of this movement that grows bigger and bigger everyday, out of respect for the environment and life around us. Go here for more details, meeting points and so on.


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