Friday, June 23, 2006

as "niched" as it could be

passion knows no limits
Well, this is very nice. I never thought a dog magazine could look so glam, it is: Modern Dog - the lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions.
It's a seasonal magazine (spring, summer, fall, winter) - because...every season there's a new trend - just like in the human world :)
It has advice on evertything, from keeping your sweet pooch in style, to discovering its IQ or giving you the lowdown on how to keep it entertained all summer long.
Just wanted to keep you posted, in case you want a super-trendy companion, to fit your outfit - you have all the info in here.
We think it's hyper-cool to be wandering around the city with such a fab mag in your purse, next to your little doggie!!!
Read more here.


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