Monday, October 22, 2007

storage problems?

...not anymore!
This weekend I tried to make some light in the mess that is my room. Tough luck! I just realized I own too - - no, way too- - no, super extra over the top way too many things :(
Which is not really so bad, as I love them all. It is a problem in terms of storage, though...
To say the truth, they all find themselves a place to stay, and it seems fine - until someone comes in and says: "Wow, what a mess!".
So I've decided to invest in some of these cool straps from Droog Design. Taking the bike straps a step further, they give your house a completely new look - tidy, that is. (Not that I'm saying your houses aren't tidy, I'm just thinking about mine :P)
Rubber, anyone?


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