Friday, October 19, 2007

nuts advertising!

I dunno why lately all these posts have been about food *straight face*, 'cause I know I ate for lunch :) I guess it's just a domain of interest for so many people, as they do lots of great stuff for it. This time, it's the Cheeky Monkey prints from Clemenger BBDO in Australia.
They're so simple, yet soooo funny! You can't stop smiling when looking at them - and they provide such a cool attitude for the brand.
I like the copy, I like the art direction and I also like the cute monkey logo. And I'm sure I'd like the product, too. And with names like "Casablanca Crunch", "Nut Mania" and "Orchard Situation", who wouldn't like to at least try one?
I'm nuts about them (yeah, I know, lame pun, but it's almost the week-end, so who's thinking? :))
P.S.: Don't forget to click on the pics, they're worth it!


Anonymous alexandrog said...

Really nice, sweet with no artificiall:)

12:16 AM  

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