Monday, July 23, 2007

is fashion...

...frivolous or not?

My, my, my! Here's a subject everybody loves talking about. There are many sides, but the most common ones go like this:

- the ones that are regarded as being superficial because they admit fashion is important to them and because they love everything connected to it;

- the ones that say they don't care about fashion (they would, but they are too afraid to take chances, try stuff and have fun with it) only because they know they wouldn't be able to compete with their fashion-forward peers;

- the ones that say they don't care about fashion, but they do in fact- and that reflects in their attitude & the way they dress - it's only that they don't want to be labeled " frivolous".

Now, here's something Adrian Gill wrote on the subject: "People think that fashion is all frivolity and done by people who can’t do proper jobs, but Issie understood that it is very, very serious business in terms of civilization and culture. It’s the one piece of culture that every single person in the world participates in. Not everybody reads poetry or listens to music, but every single person in the world gets up in the morning and puts on something, and whether you like it or not, that’s a statement about who you are." (from here and here)

I know, it's not enough to change people's perception about fashion and not enough to make the ones that usually "cover themselves" make the big step to "dressing themselves". But it's enough to understand that, as we're all involved in this fashion process, we might at least accept it and like it. What's the point in living with our tomahawks under the pillow each night - when fashion is really such a great thing once you open up to it?
And if you don't believe any of this stuff, maybe the wonderful clothes from Kisca (above) will convince you.


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