Sunday, July 22, 2007

we're just...

...doing our share
I already know you're going to say - "not again!" - but yes, I feel like talking a lot - and not superficially - once again (wow, that makes 2 of them! :P).
I dunno about you, but I'm beginning to get a little concerned. It's not that we're fuckin' (pardon my French) use billions of plastic bags each day, that we throw away even more plastic bottles or tin cans or that we use air conditioning appliances to the maximum or that we act totally careless and totally carefree about other life forms that breathe around us (yeah, I'm talking about burning down those weeds on the ground, cutting down those trees in the forest and killing that acvatic fauna by throwing tons of toothpaste, detergent and soap down the drain).

It's just that...the environment is really paying us back for all the harm we've done - and continue doing. I'm getting really serious about this and I think we all should. Fact is, people are laughing in your face when you say these kinds of things these days. Last week, I asked the lady in the supermarket NOT to wrap everything I bought in plastic -- she looked at me with sincere doubt on her face, like I was mocking her, and wrapped the stuff, saying "Look, this is the nice way we do things". But can she stop for a second and think - maybe I'M READY TO GIVE UP A NICE PLASTIC WRAP FOR SOME 1-2, maybe 3 more years of life on this planet. Yeah, I know, I'm being a bit over the top, but hey, this niceness is starting to piss me off. I really think we're over-consuming (the era of CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION is like SO OVER, people!!!!!!!!!!!), in spite of all the warnings.

You know, when I first saw the "Global Warming" campaign from Diesel (above), it felt pretty funny. And so does the "Global Warming Survival Handbook" at first sight. But try to look a bit deeper into the subject - and maybe you'll get the point.


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