Wednesday, March 21, 2007

love somebody?

...fill up their socks!

Who needs Christmas to get a sock full of presents when we have BIRTHDAYS? Yes, birthdays! New industries - a company that focuses on "developing and marketing new products that encourage people of all ages to have more fun" - came up with the birthday sock, a new way of receiving gifts.

You just take the sock, hang it up and wait :) Somebody will surely put something in it. And then something else...and something else...until you get everything you wanted!

This famous sock changes shape according to what you put in it. Made out of 100% nylon, it stretches to over 3 times its original size and never loses shape. The only thing is - do you take your presents out of it or leave them there, 'cause they make such a nice sculpture?
P.S. (to my friends): No, this blog has no connection whatsoever to my birthday, coming up next week :)


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