Friday, March 23, 2007

this smells like...

...contemporary love

Today I was surfing the net, while listening to the rain pouring outside in dull rhythmicity, one drop at a time. I thought the only thing that would make me smile today were the funky rubber boots I just bought --but, no!

I stumbled upon the beautiful artwork of Jason Sho Green, who describes himself as a "a late bloomer", getting a college degree in Electrical Engineering (!!!!), but then realizing his life wouldn't be spent behind a desk.

[We totally love this kind of attitude, here, at dotting, and we're always encouraging people to do their own thang and not listen to "society", "rules", and "musts" - or other tongue-tanglers like these.]

So Jason started drawing - and he's doing a great job, in our opinion. Check out his work here and fill up your house with great stuff from his online store! We're especially hot over the:
- "Nobody m/loves nobody gets hurt" tee (guys, take note: THIS is fun wordplay!);
- "Mauled by bears" tee (cutest love declaration around);
- and the "Hotter on the internet" card ( pandas! :)) .
What's your favourite?


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