Monday, May 01, 2006

got milk?

easy-to-buy milk
As people seem to be very little involved in the process of buying milk (they can hardly remember the brand they bought two days before), marketers have to be really creative in order to find the right consumer trigger. Well, Schroeder milk seems to have done it with the help of Capsule.
It seems that 70% of buying decisions are made at the shelf and that milk is bought by fat level. If that is true, then this milk packaging really hit the spot - it only says "SKIMMED", "ONE" (1%) and "TWO" (2%). Which is enough, beacause it is loud and clear. Even more, if we look at the fonts - that grow fatter as the milk gets, too - we can really salute this idea.
Simple, nice, the "I wish I thought of that" kind.


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