Monday, May 01, 2006

good idea

Marketing guru Coca-Cola never misses on an opportunity. That's why in 2003 the company seized the moment and launched Swerve - a delicious flavoured milk drink. Very niche-targeted, Swerve was only distributed in schools troughout the U.S., being available only at vending machines or cafeteria lines.
Both packaging - a cartoon cow that's very cool, sorrounded by swirls of colour that represent the drink flavour - and naming - "to swerve" means to move away from the usual course, to stand out - are well chosen. And even more, there's the flavour that makes the difference: Swerve comes in Chocolate, Vanana (vanilla&banana) and Blooo (blueberry&strawberry).
This is an example the Romanian market could learn a few things from, as flavoured milk is still very young in our country.


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