Monday, April 03, 2006

"C" for Classic

one of our favourites, designed by Timothy Liles

Is there anyone out there who doesn't know about
Converse? Well then, you lonely tiger, get your act together and try to catch up fast, because Converse is back and more successful than ever.
At least in Romania the "Converse craze" - as we call it - is taking proportions. Every "cool kid" wants to own a pair, not knowing exactly what this brand stands for, what it means for the history of basketball or why. I don't suppose learning history is a must-do activity before shoe shopping, but only buying stuff because you think it would make you cool is really a bit boring. At least when everyone looks the same, trying to "fit in" while wearing a "stand out" brand. That should be a bit strange for someone Logic in highschool!?!?!
All in all, an encounter I had the other day with a wannabe "Converser" made me realize that - really - being cool is an attitude, as they say.


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